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The Cisco CCNP boot camp or Cisco Certified Network Professional is a boot camp designed to help students or IT professionals learn the information needed to understand how to plan, secure, maintain, implement, and troubleshoot enterprise networks and to pass the certification exam. The Cisco certification boot camp is not one that teaches you to pass the exam; instead, they are giving you valuable information, which sets you up with the knowledge to pass while increasing your skill sets for the real world. All the Cisco CCNP boot camp instructors are experts in the fields they are teaching and will work to help pass along the valuable information they know.
Taking a Cisco certification boot camp shows how serious you are about becoming one of the best assets that your company has. You can learn about protocols, security, storage, and more. Although the Cisco CCNP boot camp is only offered in Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale, the price for the class includes everything you need including airfare, hotels, course materials, exam vouchers, and on-site testing facilities. Come, stay, learn, and then take the test immediately before leaving while the materials are fresh in your mind.


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